Solar System

The system consists of three components all wired together and with each battery fused. Wiring to the solar panel includes a connector so that the solar panel wiring can be fed from outside to the inside charger and batteries that are normally placed near the bog but away from any possible dampness. Polarity is clearly marked and must be preserved when installing

A 30 watt solar panel


A regulator charger that includes two usb outlets


and two 12v 7amp hour sealed led acid batteries.


No guarantee can be given that this will power the bog at all times as sunlight naturally varies from place to place and installation to installation. The panel produces around 30 watts in sun and the bog has a low drain fan installed that draws less than a watt. The batteries are 12 volt 7 amp hour and two are supplied. Battery storage is therefore 12 *14 watt hours = 168 watt hours and the fan uses about 0.5 watts meaning that supply with no sun should continue for 168 * 2 = 336 hours divided by 24 = 14 days. In the event that the batteries do go flat, the power plug at the back of the bog should be removed until the panel has recharged the batteries. More than a day of sunlight may be needed to restore the batteries to full charge.

You must remove your batteries from the charging circuit if you wish to use an external battery charger. Your warranty will void if you use an external charger with the batteries in circuit or if the external charger is not suited to the battery type. 12volt sealed lead acid.

While we can't give a performance guarantee we none the less will give all the practical assistance and advice we can.

Please note that we have tried to save money to bring you the solar system as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately this means that you need to arrange your own materials to mount the solar panel.

Bog Light

A bog light is now available for solar installations. The system is pre-wired when purchased with a solar system and consists of two additional components:

a led strip (sufficient to light the average dunny) The strip has adhesive backing that is exposed when peeled off and should be mounted in a suitable position

an infra-red light controller whose time on can be adjusted and can be set to only turn on the light when there is no sun. It draws 1 watt when the light is on and 0.025 of a watt when off. The bog fan draws just under a watt and is on continuously so the extra load of the light is minimal except when on.

These components can also be purchased by existing customers along with the new model charge controller. The controller can be set to turn off the fan (and light) at a voltage from 11.3 volts down. This is achieved by long pressing the menu key and long pressing again to save the setting

Measured electrical load in watts

Fan only draws 0.5 of a watt – our fan is a 24volt fan running at 12volts; hence the low noise and very low power use.

Charge controller without light on the solar panel draws 0.1 watt

Bog light connected draws 0.025 of a watt when not lit. Just over 1 watt when lit.