We consider it inappropriate to ask our customers to act as referees, however some of our customers have made comments which we feel able to pass on, some have even offered to accept visits from potential customers and others have offered to speak by phone with potential customs.

Our greatest endorsement has been the number of repeat customers over time, most purchasing their subsequent bogs months or years after their first. We have one customer with four bogs, at least four customers with three and a very large number (higher than I can count!) with two bogs.

Our second greatest endorsement is the more than 90% of enquirers who become customers.

An email from a customer in Christchurch reports that the bog "exceeds his expectations" and his favourable impression of the build quality.

From our very first customers in the far north who has a bog installed in their own built home. Part of an email report their delight at "no smell". These customers now have their second and third bogs. They have had a American brand toilet as well which they are now replacing with ours after years of frustration and expense.

A Tauranga customer with a batch near Opotiki reports her own satisfaction and also that of largish groups of women who stay at her family batch.

Yet another customer who has a batch in Golden Bay has said he regards the bog as "excellent value for money".

If you ask; we can usually put you in touch with someone with a bog who doesn't mind talking candidly to our prospective customers. It is more difficult to get you to see one unless you live near someone who has offered. Sometimes we travel with our caravan and people can see our bog on our travels.

Our impression is that the greatest satisfaction is of those customers who have researched composting and urine separating toilets and are aware of the various overseas models and prices to purchase these here. A customer near Otaki says he "intends to buy three bogs eventually because he will still be only spending his budget for a single overseas sourced composting toilet".

You should see the smile on the faces of people who had been facing more than $10,000 for a new septic tank installation.

We have had our first warranty claim from a customer who had his bog installed and in use. A fly had come down through the rotating vent into the fan and caused it to stop. As soon as the fly was remove the fan started working again. We now supply an insect screen to be place inside the flue vent

In March 2005 and we have had only one other warranty claim. A Golden Bay customer experienced cracks in the base of his bog. We went to their home (three times in all) and replaced the base. We found that unless the screws used to hold the bog to the floor were stainless steel they could rust and the rust seems to react with the plastic. We now supply stainless mounting screws with all bogs. We eventually found that the urine outlet had cracked in the tray and was admitting urine into the base. We replaced the tray and everything seems fine now.

In June 2006 and we have learnt of a national radio programme featuring the peel forest eco lodge which uses two of our bogs and is looking to purchase more. They describe their bogs as working well and their desire to purchase more is a tribute to their success.