Mobile use of the bog on land

We have a caravan with our bog installed. Our shower is included in the toilet enclose which is 800mm wide and about 1300mm long. This leaves plenty of room to shower

We don’t have a black water tank and just use a small grey water tank and pipe our urine from the bog straight into our grey water system. When we are camped near bushes or shrubs and have the land owner’s permission, we discharge our fresh grey water directly through a pipe under the bushes. We are careful to ensure that it can’t flow directly to a water way, lake or sea. It is important that people’s skin not come in contact with the grey water either – hence under bushes. Only fresh urine should be discharged in this manner as it becomes very noxious after only a day or so of storage. When we are in cities or motor camps we store the grey water in our holding tank and use dump stations for disposal.

If you wish to obtain a self containment certificate from the NZ Motor Caravan association you will need a separate black water tank to hold you urine.