These are intended to be a gradually growing list of international sites of interest relevant to composting toilets

Try or for starch bags as an alternative to plastic This site has a great review of most composting toilets available on our planet.

The 10 April 2004 issue of New Scientist ( reports on a heat loving bacteria utilised by the aztecs that can treat any type of sewage. The process itself has become known as sirdo this is a site for those that want to build their own. We are also happy to give advice to those wanting to make their own. Just contact us. We can sell the separating tray alone if you want. a good kiwi site with a great description of a practical self built toilet similar to the bog A simple composting toilet (pdf, 348kB). an excellent detailed multinational report titled "Health Aspects of Dry Sanitation with Waste Reuse"  a commercial toilet Sunmar toilet details Ecosan Envirolet brand an Australian environmental directory respected Swedish brand another kiwi product Aussie bogs grey water treatment an excellent handbook - all on the internet here are the reports of an internet dialogue on ecological sanitation - the individual papers have a wealth of detail some quite technical. a great resource from Sweden who have the most experience in composting toilets of all countries.

5 Excreta-related infections and the role of sanitation in the ... a really good global discussion on the problems of infections and controlling transmission.