The Kiwi Bog at sea

Although we have a few bogs installed in sea going vessels we need to caution prospective purchasers that they are best suited to house boats or vessels operating in inshore waters.

Our first installation is on a yacht that is mostly a moored home. This customer has fed the urine to a 50 liter grey water tank that also takes water from the sink, hand basins and shower. When its full he pumps it out. Many yachts already have a tank like this. Where to send the flue is another issue. The normal flue is 65mm in diameter and needs to rise at least above head height. There are two ideas under consideration for this; one is to reduce the flue to a flexible pipe about the same diameter as the urine outlet (35mm) and to run it up beside the mast to the required height with a snorkel to stop water penetration. Another is to run the flue to the base of the mast inside and then let the mast pipe it up and out. Breather pipes often go up inside the mast already.

The benefits of the bog on boats are apparent in the long period before emptying and the lack of smell around the bog itself. Also there is no need of a separate black water tank.