Tips and tricks

There are at least two brands of eco toilet paper available now.  One is under the brand name Naturale and available from both Woolworths and Countdown. The other is the Safe brand available from The Warehouse. These break down better in compost

Good airflow is essential for your bog to function properly. If you experience condensation this may indicate insufficient airflow in your installation.

  If your urine pipe comes out directly below the urine separation tray: it is intended that the pipe never disconnect except for cleaning or clearing in exceptional circumstances. To gain access to your faeces bucket; tilt the top forward sufficiently to remove the bucket but not so far as to disconnect the urine pipe. You will find that the urine pipe will hold the top in position while you work on the bucket. To reconnect the urine pipe; place the top in front of but almost touching the base tilted forward enough to place an arm between the two. It is important that the lowest part of the top be below (and outside) the rim of the base.  In that position you will find that you can connect the urine hose.  Better to leave the bucket out while you reconnect the urine hose.  Make sure that the two connections twist tightly together at both ends.

To reduce the smell from urine use a teaspoon of sugar in the water you use to clean or flush the urine path

Put a brick on the lid of the composting bucket lid to keep it in place - you don't want the lid to be fully in place as you want air to pass into the bucket

Place mesh under the rotating vent to stop flies and insects getting into the flue and fan

Two of our customers are using 200 litre plastic barrels with holes in the bottom. They add the contents of their full bog bucket directly to a barrel into which tiger worms have already settled. They lastly add some sawdust to stop any smell. They are presently using two barrels but plan a third. When fully underway the first is being filled while the others are composting. Then they use the contents of the oldest barrel on their garden and continue with the process. See our new page treating outputs.

 Another idea from the recent Nelson Ecofest is an alternative way of disposing of urine. A large flat metal tray with a glass cover a few centimetres above collects the urine and the sun crystallises it through the glass. The crystals can be removed and possibly used in the garden as urea as the process continues.


Anyone wanting to experiment with these ideas or who has ideas of their own receives our grateful encouragement and we would be delighted to hear of your results.